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EPA Meeting and General Coalition Updates

EPA Meeting in Binghamton And General Coalition Update September 9, 2010
Hi Coalition Friend: I know this newsletter goes a little long.  The first two pages of this update is a detailed report of the EPA hearing scheduled for Binghamton, NY this coming week.  Your activity on behalf of our coalition and natural gas exploration is desperately needed.  Please read through this very important email and respond with your support for our common cause of having a better environment, a better economy and a better community.

  1. EPA Meeting This Coming Week
  2. “Friends of Natural Gas” Lawn Signs For You
  3. Regional Meetings Coming Soon
  4. The Success of Our County Fair Booths
  1. EPA Meeting in Binghamton This Monday and Wednesday – September 13 & 15 @ THE FORUM PERFORMING ARTS CENTER – 236 Washington St. Binghamton, NY 13901
  2. The EPA Hearings at the Broome County Forum in Binghamton are just a few short days away.  Every single coalition friend is asked to PLEASE be there Monday morning and afternoon!!!  This is the single most important event we face right now. Politicians and the rest of the country will be watching what happens Monday and making plans based on what they see. We need to convince them to decide in our favor. We need your help to make that happen! THE OPPOSITION WILL BE THERE, WILL YOU?
    Everyone is encouraged to show up on Monday at 10:00 AM and to stay until the first session ends at 4:00 PM. This is when the media will be most focused on the event (before the evening news deadlines!) and when it will be most important to show a strong outpouring of support for developing Natural Gas. Even if you have a speaking slot at another time or do not wish to enter the Forum at all, please be there Monday morning to help show our majority, solidarity, and strength. Please bring a sign to convey your message as well.
    This hearing is in the center of all of our coalitions areas and the north eastern gas producing areas. There is no excuse for not showing the most massive display of support for gas so far. Please do your part and be there. While we are all very busy living our lives, others are busy trying to take this opportunity away from us. They will try to use these hearings to do that!  Please do not let them do that!  Please take this opportunity to help secure this opportunity for you, your family, and your future!
    FINDING THE FORUM:  Park in the Boscov's Parking Ramp on the west side of Water St. halfway between Court St. and Henry St. From there it is a short walk to the Regency Hotel, one block north from the ramp on Water St.
    HOSPITALITY ROOM AT THE REGENCY:  There will be a hospitality room in the Regency for pro-gas supporters with free drinks and refreshments from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday and Wednesday!  Free "Friends of Natural Gas" hats and pins will be given out at the hospitality room. From the Regency it is a short walk one block east through the parking lot across the street from the Regency parking lot to the front doors of the Forum. Taking this route will avoid the anti-gas demonstrations that the city permitted in the area south of the Forum.
    UNION SUPPORT:  As you walk from the Regency to the Forum look for the table set up by our Union friends and co-supporters on a grassy lot. They too will be giving out free "Friends of Natural Gas" hats and pins! Their voices of support will help us show that support for gas is indeed strong and dominant!
    Always remember to be civil and courteous to the anti-gas people no matter what. We cannot allow ourselves to be seen as aggressive! Do not engage them in a verbal argument or any physical manner. Doing that will only lower us to their level and let's not go there!
    IF YOU ARE SPEAKING AT THE EPA MEETING:  Here are some talking points to convey to the EPA and to the media:

    ... the EPA needs to stay on track and not stray from the topic of hydrofracing's effects on drinking water. The topic as mandated by Congress was to .”carry out a study on the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water.” In reviewing the EPA scoping document the EPA poses dozens of potential research questions that stray far from the mission posed by congress.  Issues concerning storm water effects, spills, and site development are already addressed in other EPA and state regulations. As such, further study is inappropriate and a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.
    ...Natural gas is the cheapest and quickest way for the U.S. to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions. The US uses over 25% of the world’s energy while having only 4% of the population.  Isn't it time we actually did something about reducing our emissions instead of just talking about it?  
    ...Developing natural gas resources in the U.S. will make it possible to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  
    ...Hydrofracing is not new technology.  It has been in use for over 60 years without a single documented case of hydrofracing contaminating groundwater.
    ...Natural gas used for new power stations replacing coal burning stations will eliminate the health problems caused by coal burning stations.
    ...when looking for recommendations of study sites they should focus on Pavillion, Wyoming and Dimock Pennsylvania.  The EPA has already started a study in the Pavillion, Wyoming and it would be good for them to complete it and apply their findings to this effort. Additionally a study site in northern PA or NY would be insightful.  Dimock has gotten a lot of press and would be a good site to study, as would any other active site.

    SUBMIT WRITTEN COMMENT TO THE EPA:  It would be great to follow-up this hearing with written comments to the EPA.  You may use the following text or develop your version of it and email it to… hydraulic.fracturing@epa.gov

    In designing this study on our behalf we want to be assured that EPA conducts a technical/scientific study and not a political or interest group motivated document.  We raise this point because Congress said . . .”carry out a study on the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water.” EPA has stated . . .” hydraulic fracturing’s potential impact on drinking water, human health and the environment, which demands further study.”   In reviewing the EPA scoping document the EPA poses dozens of potential research questions that stray far from the mission posed by congress.  Issues concerning stormwater, spills, and site development are already addressed in other EPA and state regulations and are inappropriate and a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.  This study was prompted for political purposes and not based on any past study, documented event, or new scientific finding on the process of hydraulic fracturing and contaminated drinking water.  Therefore in conducting a “scientific” study of a technical process you must refer to the experts and state regulatory agencies who have been regulating and enforcing rules on hydraulic fracturing for decades.  In other words, is there documented evidence that the process of hydraulic fracturing has in fact contaminated drinking water or how likely is it to occur in the future?  We don’t believe the Congress asked you to answer any other question.  So cut to the chase (don’t spend any more of our money than needed) and get the answer to this simple question.  We who live on farms, ranches and urban areas where oil and gas development have gone on for over 100 years know that accidents occur though we are unaware of any drinking water contamination from hydraulic fracturing.  We also believe the state regulatory system is and has been adequate to respond to any incident and protect our land, water, health and other resources.

    The repeated use of this script on all written submissions will help drive home the point that the EPA must stay focused.

  3. “Friends of Natural Gas” Lawn signs for you.
    1. Regional Meetings Coming Soon.
  4. Hundreds of “Friends of Natural Gas” lawn signs have been popping up across our coalition range.  We are getting a very large load this coming week and will be establishing pick-up points for you to get some for your property.  These signs are free – just get them out to help our community see our collective support for this common cause.  We’ll email these pick-up points in our next newsletter.
    To help our coalition become more efficient and effective, we are, under the umbrella of the Central New York Landowner’s Coalition, creating six regional coalition sections.  Each section will have locally appointed representatives (appointed by you at the regional meetings) along with regional maps displaying all who are in our coalition and those landowners who yet need to be recruited.  We are selecting dates and locations for these meetings and will report back to you when they are finalized.

  5. The Success of Our County Fair Booths.
  6. Thanks to the help of many of our coalition friends, we were very successful at both the Otsego and Chenango County fairs with our CNY Coalition booths.  Thousands of pieces of pro-gas information were distributed, good chunks of land were brought into our coalition and our maps were on full display for all to see who they need to recruit in their immediate neighborhood.  Together, we are accomplishing more!

We’ll look for you in Binghamton at the EPA hearing.  Expect a report on those meetings along with your “Friends of Natural Gas” pick-up locations in our next newsletter.
Working on Your Behalf,
The CNY Landowner’s Coalition Steering Committee


There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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