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Vote Your Conscience This Tuesday

Vote Your Conscience This Tuesday
A Quick Reference Voter Guide With Information Provided By the JLC.

There are many issues and considerations to take into account when you vote this Tuesday November 2nd.  One issue that friends of natural gas consider is the position of each candidate on the safe exploration of this resource in the state of NY.  The following outline does not explore all of the important positions of each candidate.  It is merely a guide for you to see if they are supportive of your landowner right to pursue the safe harvest of natural gas on your private property.  No matter how you vote, PLEASE VOTE!  It is a right that we enjoy and should exercise.


FRIENDS of Natural Gas
In the New York State Senate, the JLCNY supports the seven Senators who had the courage to stand up against political pressure by voting in opposition to the politically motivated moratorium bill last summer. They have consistently been balanced in their support of environmentally safe, clean development of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.

Sen. Tom Libous, 52nd NYS Senate District

Sen. George Maziarz, 62nd NYS Senate District
Sen. Betty Little, 45th NYS Senate District
Sen. Joseph Griffo, 47th NYS Senate District
Sen. Andrew Lanza, 24th NYS Senate District
Sen. Catherine Young, 57th NYS Senate District
Sen. Darrel Aubertine, 48th NYS Senate District

In addition, the JLCNY supports former member of the NYS Assembly, Tom O’Mara in his race in the 53rd NYS Senate District.

In the New York State Assembly, the JLCNY endorses the following candidates:
Clifford Crouch, 107th NYS Assembly District
Gary Finch, 123rd NYS Assembly District

Additionally, the JLCNY supports:
Phil Palmesano--136th NYS Assembly District
Dan Donovan--Attorney General
George Phillips--22nd Congressional Race
Richard Hanna --24th Congressional Race
Tom Reed-- 29th Congressional Race


The MOST VOCAL THREATS to NY Landowner’s Natural Gas Interests:
Congressman Michael Arcuri  (24th Congressional Race)
Congressman Maurice Hinchey  (22nd Congressional Race)
Eric Schneiderman—Attorney General

Michael Arcuri and Maurice Hinchey both recently signed Walter Hang’s petition demanding the Governor completely withdraw the DEC’s SGEIS before it is even released and force the DEC to re-start the whole process, wasting taxpayer money and eliminating 30 months of scientific research.  They cite that this is needed because of their perceived flaws with the DEC document.  They certainly would not advise the same type of eliminating action taken against Social Security, Welfare or Government run healthcare because of the perceived flaws in those systems.  Also, Eric Schneiderman has stated that, if elected attorney general, he would sue to prevent hyrdo-fracking in New York.

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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