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Gas Drilling: One Issue – Many Positive Impacts

NYS Gas Drilling Positively Impacts Almost Every Major Voter Issue

NYS gas drilling is one issue that has positive impacts for almost every major voter concern.  Consider these areas of concern and see how Natural gas development in NY State offers positive solutions to each issue.  And then ask yourself, If Natural Gas isn’t allowed in NYS – what is the “Plan B” that has the potential to restore our state to the genuine “Empire” status it once held.

It’s The Economy:

  • Immediate critical income to farmers and NY landowners.
  • Greater needed tax revenue to our communities and state.
  • Stimulus to local businesses (restaurants, hotels, construction, excavating, realtors, car dealers, etc.).
  • Reducing the debt of our state and nation.
  • Lower property taxes for all.

It’s Job Creation:

  • Massive Job Creation (PA added 98,000 jobs in 2010 alone).
  • Vocational job training at local colleges to equip residents for this rapidly growing industry.
  • Enough job creation to keep our children and grandchildren in the area when they look for jobs.

It’s Program Restoration/Creation:

  • Restoring necessary teacher and other positions cut in recent years by our state.

It’s A Cleaner Environment:

  • Cleaning up the air and global emissions with the cleanest burning fossil fuel – natural gas.
  • Funding to restore the DEC positions that watch and protect all our valued land resources.

It’s Better for Foreign Policy:

  • Energy Independence from foreign countries that dislike the US.
  • Seriously reduces our need to protect our foreign energy interests in the Middle East.

Consider these FRIENDS of Natural Gas as you vote on Tuesday.

Sen. Tom Libous, 52nd NYS Senate District
Sen. George Maziarz, 62nd NYS Senate District
Sen. Betty Little, 45th NYS Senate District
Sen. Joseph Griffo, 47th NYS Senate District
Sen. Andrew Lanza, 24th NYS Senate District
Sen. Catherine Young, 57th NYS Senate District
Sen. Darrel Aubertine, 48th NYS Senate District
Tom O’Mara, 53rd NYS Senate District.
Clifford Crouch, 107th NYS Assembly District
Gary Finch, 123rd NYS Assembly District
Rick Bargabos, 111th NYS Assembly District
Phil Palmesano--136th NYS Assembly District
Dan Donovan--Attorney General
George Phillips--22nd Congressional Race
Richard Hanna --24th Congressional Race
Tom Reed-- 29th Congressional Race

The MOST VOCAL THREATS to NY Landowner’s Natural Gas Interests:

Congressman Michael Arcuri  (24th Congressional Race)
Congressman Maurice Hinchey  (22nd Congressional Race)
Eric Schneiderman—Attorney General

There has never been a time in recent history where one voter issue impacts almost every major concern stepping into an election day.  This year, however, that one issue is Gas Drilling in New York State.  No matter how you vote, PLEASE VOTE!  It is a right that we enjoy and should exercise.

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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