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A Video, A Veto and A Well Tour

It’s Good News All The Way Around For Gas Drilling

Since our last newsletter, there has been positive news for those who desire gas drilling to ramp up in New York.  First of all, your votes greatly influenced some critical elections in our state.  Because of your voting voice we will have more elected officials in New York that are willing to represent landowners rights and interests than in previous years.  Beyond the elections of November, we want to highlight a few positive developments that you will want to know about – you can read about them below. 

Thanks for partnering with the Central New York Landowner’s Coalition.  From everyone on the coalition committee, have a very Merry Christmas and enjoyable holidays!

Brian Conover


That’s right!!  On the homepage of our website you’ll find a link to our latest video update.  This update contains a lot of the content shown at our 6 regional meetings

– including coalition maps and even some maps of current  leased land in your area.  Just go to our website – www.cnylandcoalition.org and click on the video update link at the top of the homepage.  The total video is about 15 minutes and will bring you up-to-date with the latest developments, industry interest as well as give you a bird’s-eye-view of the main position of our coalition.


Last weekend, Governor Paterson vetoed the moratorium passed through the NYS Senate and Assembly that would have stopped all natural gas drilling that employs any level of hydraulic fracturing – even that which is allowed under current DEC regulations.  This veto, in the words of the JLC, “acknowledges that New York State is committed to drilling.”  And although the Governor passed an executive order halting high-volume fracturing until at least July 1st, 2011, he also established a time line for the DEC and signaled the potential for natural gas development in NY for 2011.  Please understand, our work is not yet done.  We will be connecting with you as to how we should communicate with our next Governor, Andrew Cuomo, to be sure that landowner’s rights and interests are advanced in this coming year.


Text Box:  About a week ago, our coalition committee was invited to go on a well tour.  Through the falling snow and the fallen temperatures, we were treated to a very positive picture of responsible natural gas drilling.  We visited two compressor stations that were amazingly quiet and odorless!  We also saw one horizontal drilling rig and one vertical drilling rig in action.  The well pads were very clean,  orderly and utilized much less space than what is misrepresented by obstructionists.  Also, on these drilling sites there were no open pits to collect flow back fluid as this company was using a “closed-loop” system that captures all returning fluids in steel tanks.  Needless to say, our committee was pleased with the environmental sensitivity that we witnessed and we are optimistic about this same type of responsible gas drilling being used in our region.



For those receiving this email from our “chenangogas@gmail” account, you need to go to our website (www.cnylandcoalition.org) and click on the email link found on the homepage to register for our regular newsletters.  Soon, we will no longer be distributing bulk emails from our chenanogas address and our new website email will be our only avenue for quick communication.  We will, however, be accepting emails to our “chenangogas@gmail.com address.  So please don’t delay – sign up for the new email right away!!


There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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