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Antis Want Town Bans On Drilling

Anti Gas – Anti Growth – Anti Prosperity

They Are Coming To Your Town




Sensing defeat on the state level, local anti-gas groups are putting the pressure on local town boards to strip landowners of their rights to the full value of their properties.  Chenango County towns of Afton and Guilford and Otsego County towns of Butternuts, Middlefield, Otsego and Springfield have all been targeted by the anti-gas activist movement.  And if your town isn’t listed above, don’t think that it’s not on the agenda of the extreme environmentalists.


Text Box: For over two years anti- gas people have told us “what’s the rush to pass this?  Let the state DEC study this and decide.”  Now it is time for us to declare the same message to them “What’s the rush to ban this.  Let the state DEC complete its study to decide the safety of gas exploration!”   THEY DON’T WANT “SAFE DRILLING” – THEY WANT “NO DRILLING!”

It is quite obvious that the anti-gas movement is not about science but rather about politics.  With the time-lines established by our state’s previous governor to release the draft SGEIS and move toward permitting, the anti-gas activists do not want to rely on the studies of our state DEC experts who have invested millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours into research and regulations.  They don’t want to hear the facts that have been gleaned by the DEC about drilling, they just want to shut it all down.  This proves that all along their “safe drilling” speeches were actually “no drilling” speeches.



The amount of inaccurate statements, out-dated material, incomplete “studies,” exaggerations and flat out lies that are being expressed from anti-gas activists are currently at an all-time high.  We have heard all the claims from drilling causing earthquakes and drilling won’t bring prosperity to your region to “you need a permit to catch a fish but don’t need a permit to drill a gas well.”  It’s appears as though the DEC’s research is leading them away from the scare-filled claims of these activists, however, local town governments are sensing the heat and don’t know how to respond. 



Our collective efforts as a coalition are getting closer to the finish line, however we’ll need to fight to the very end for our freedoms as landowners.  Here are some things we must do to preserve the rights and privileges we purchased with our land and continue to pay for with our tax monies.


  1. CONTACT YOUR TOWN BOARD.  It would be best to confront this issue with your town board before it gets out of hand.  If every pro-gas landowner called their town board members, this would help to establish positive accountability on that level.
  2. ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS.  We have seen that some boards don’t publicize that they’ll be covering these issues.  It is interesting that the extreme environmentalists know about the meetings and the agenda but it is not communicated to the general population.  It would be best to just go to the meetings to show your support for natural gas development.
  3. HAMMER THE THEME THAT WE MUST LET SCIENCE DECIDE THIS ISSUE – NOT POLITICS.  The activists will do their best to intimidate board members to stop Natural Gas development and to not wait for our state’s conclusions on the matter.  For over two years anti gas people have told us “what’s the rush?  Let the state study this and decide.”  Now it is time for us to declare the same message to them “What’s the rush to ban this.  Let the state complete its study to decide the safety of natural gas exploration!”   If both sides differ on the merits of drilling then emphasize to the board that we must let the organization who has invested the most time and expertise to this issue (our DEC) give their final conclusions on the direction of drilling.  Keep this an issue of science – not politics!


Otsego County:

            Otsego Town Meeting – 7PM tonight (March 2nd)

            Springfield Town Meeting – 7PM tonight (March 2nd)

            Middlefield Town Meeting – 7:30PM (March 9th)



There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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