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Important Meetings – Awesome Article

Get Proactive About Local Meetings!  Science Is On Our Side!

The Fight In Your Backyard!

As we inch closer to the state's release of the SGEIS this June, it appears as though science is winning the debate at the state level.  After nearly three years of intense study, our state Department of Environmental Conservation seems more swayed by their scientific research than by the fear-filled misinformation spread by anti-gas organizations. 

Losing at the state level, these anti-gas activists have now turned their sights on local town boards who obviously haven't invested the tens of thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars to study this topic as has our DEC.  There have been some pro-gas representatives showing up at the town meetings but the pressure is great from the opposition and it is imperative that you attend your local town or county meetings to be certain your rights as landowners are protected.  Specifically, the Chenango towns of Afton and Guilford and numerous towns in Otsego County are being hit hard by anti-gas lies and hysteria.  If other towns and counties buckle under the pressure, that will put more pressure on your town to cave as well.  It is imperative to carve out the time to attend your local town and county meetings.  WE CANNOT WIN THIS BATTLE WITHOUT YOUR ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT.

***A Future Coalition-Wide Meeting***
The coalition leadership is planning a future all-coalition meeting to 1. bring you up-to-date on our negotiations as well as 2. communicate our local battle plan to fight for our landowner rights.  We will be giving you meeting date and times in the very near future (we are tentatively looking at either April 2nd or April 9th for meeting dates).  This meeting will also give you town board information, provide county and town petitions and connect you with those in your area that you are fighting with.  We'll also provide our coalition maps so that you can see who you need to connect with in your area to bring into the coalition.

Science Is On Our Side:

Here's an article from the March 14th Times Union.  Read it and understand that we are in line with science and truly care about our state and its natural resources.

            State government's top scientist on the underground features of New York has never weighed in on the contentious matter of drilling in the great Marcellus shale layers stretching beneath a big part of upstate. Until now.
            "The worst spin on the worst incidents are treated as if it's going to be the norm here," said Taury Smith, the state geologist, a self-described liberal Democrat more concerned with global warming than extraction of natural gas from one of the largest sources available in the United States. "This could really help us fight climate change; this is a huge gift, this shale."
            He said he has been examining the science of hydrofracturing the shale for three years and has found no cases in which the process has led to groundwater contamination, although several portrayals by anti-fracking groups and featured in the press have raised concerns about underground pools being harmed because of drilling.
            "Those are exaggerated problems; each incident wasn't the result of hydro-fracking. There were incidents of groundwater contamination near frack sites, but they were unrelated," Smith said. He said the industry should be strictly monitored by the Department of Environmental Conservation, and should be encouraged to move the nation away from coal-fired power and to the more environmentally friendly natural gas.
            "I'm for a strong regulation by DEC. They have no vested interest. The environmental groups have a vested interest. The companies have a huge profit at stake, so I wouldn't trust them either," Smith, who works for the State Museum said. "If there's one group you can trust it's the DEC."
            Former DEC Commissioner Alexander "Pete" Grannis, who now is the first deputy comptroller, said he agrees with Smith that the dangers of fracking are overblown. He thinks the DEC is on course to set solid regulations.
            Smith said the issue has been a major money-maker for some environmental organizations who have used it to raise funds for their treasuries. Allowing fracking, he added, would be a huge boost for New York job creation and for income and business tax revenues. A potential "severance tax" like those in other states that are assessed on the industry for extracting the gas could be another boon to the state, he said.
            Smith said the average drilling complex used 8.4 million gallons per day of water in the Susquehanna River basin, compared to 20 million per day for golf courses.

The sprint to the finish line requires our best efforts.  If we stick together and keep the pressure on our towns and counties, we will prevail.        On behalf of the CNY committee, Brian Conover


There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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