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ONE BIG, (and hopefully) LAST PUSH
All must call this week before the legislative session ends for the summer


 It’s coming down to the wire. The NY Assembly has already passed a drilling moratorium bill.  If the Senate does likewise, the opportunity for leasing our land will likely be gone for a very long time. The NY Legislature will be recessing after they meet this week.  Traditionally, the last week of the legislature’s session is frantic and legislators react to pressure. Many people have given selflessly of time, effort, and funds to advance safe, responsible gas drilling in NY.  Honestly, folks, it’s up to you, now.  We cannot over-emphasize the crucial importance of your reaching-out to the Senators listed below, and urge them not to do anything to delay safe drilling in NY. 
THE WELL-FUNDED OPPOSITION IS WORKING HARD: To be frank, the opponents to drilling are mounting a huge public relations effort to get Senators to support their misguided cause.  These individuals are funded far better than we landowners are, so they are able to make headlines.  They will be making headlines this week, so be prepared.
INVEST 10-20 MINUTES TO CALL – YOUR FUTURE IS DETERMINED NOW! When you make your calls, please emphasize these points below, but do feel free to add your own personal situation to the message.  It is most important that all Senators realize that there is a large LOCAL citizenry that feels three years of study/delay, delay/study is long-enough.  The regulations that NYS DEC will shortly release will be world-class.  It’s time, & the time for you to make this effort cannot wait.  Please make the requested calls & urge everyone that you possibly can think of to also make contact with the listed Senators.  It’s come down to this.  Don’t let your coalition or your future down!
Starting now we need every single person possible to call the following Senators at each number listed farther below and tell them each of them the following 4 important points...

  1. A moratorium is not needed. There is no need to put 5,000 people out of work that has been performed safely for decades.
  2. Let the DEC do their job and release the SGEIS without further delay. Facts and Science should be controlling this process.
  3. Do not promote any legislation that would hinder the economic growth this is predicted to create. A recent report by the Manhattan Policy Institute conservatively estimates that 18,000 new jobs and $11.4 billion in economic activity will be created as a result of Marcellus development in New York by 2020.
  4. The science and history proves that the natural gas drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing has been used for decades in New York with zero incidences of water well contamination or adverse health consequences.

Here are the names and numbers to call...

  • Sen. Libous:  (Albany #) 518-455-2677  (District #) 607-773-8771
  • Sen. Grisanti: (Albany #) 518-455-3240  (District #) 716-854-8705
  • Sen. Gallivan: (Albany #)  518-455-3471  (District #) 716-656-8544
  • Sen. DeFrancisco: (Albany #)  518-455-3511  (District #) 315-428-7632
  • Sen. Bonacic: (Albany #) 518-455-3181  (District #)  845-344-3311
  • Sen. Saland: (Albany #) 518-455-2411  (District #)  845-463-0840
  • Sen. Golden: (Albany #) 518-455-2730  (District #)  718-238-6044
  • Sen. Seward: (Albany #) 518-455-3131  (District #)  607-432-5524
  • Sen. Nozzolio:  (Albany #) 518-455-2366  (District #)  315-568-9816
  • Sen. McDonald: (Albany #) 518-455-2381  (District #)  518-274-4616

Thanks for teaming with us.  Together we can accomplish more!
Brian Conover

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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