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The Latest With the dSGEIS.

An Update on the SGEIS
Keeping The Comment Period 60 Days


Dear Coalition Friends:

The dSGEIS has been out now for nearly 2 months.  A reading of it will reveal that it is truly a world-class document sure to bring environmentally responsible gas drilling to our State of New York.  Within the next week, a last additional document will be added to the dSGEIS and then a comment period will begin.

As of now, the comment period established by our governor and DEC commissioner is to be 60 days, however, anti-gas activists are bombarding Governor Cuomo with requests to extend the dSGEIS comment period to 180 days.  Our Governor and DEC Commissioner need to hear from us.  Please, take a moment to contact these officials and kindly ask them to keep the comment period to the current 60 days.  Also, respectfully emphasize your gratitude for their work and state your confidence in the dSGEIS to bring safe drilling to our state.  A letter to the governor can be found at the website of our partnering group, The Joint Landowner's Coalition (www.jlcny.org).  Then you can call the Commissioner at (518.402.8545) to echo the same thoughts.

Please do this today before the Commissioner bows to the pressure and mis-information that the anti-gas agitators are flooding him on a daily basis. It is important that he consider your fact-based side of the story as he decides how the next steps in the dSGEIS review and finalization will be conducted.

Although it seems like this road will never end, we are getting closer to seeing our hopes realized with safe drilling in NY.  Once the comment period ends (remember, ask for it to remain 60 days), the DEC will need to review the comments received to see if there are adjustments or additions needed to submit a final SGEIS.  So far, all word from the DEC and the press on this subject say that 2012 very well could be our year, and potentially the first half of it.  Know that anti-gas activists aren't giving up, so we cannot either.  Your hard work will pay off if you stick to the task at hand.

Know that we would love to stay connected with you through this process.  If you have questions, feel free to email us at chenangogas@gmail.com.

Thanks for making the contacts we mentioned above and mostly, thanks for partnering with us in the greatest opportunity for economic hope for our great State of New York.

On Behalf of the Steering Committee,

Brian Conover

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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