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Marketing Our Coalition

The DEC comment period is officially over and all the speculation has begun on when permitting will finally happen in our state for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing. Will the regulations be completed this year? Will NY allow HNHF in 2012? Will we get legitimate lease offers in the next 10 months? These are all valid questions for which I hope the answer is "YES," "YES," and "YES." However, we fully recognize that NY's political base doesn't exhibit the reason and stability that would ease the minds of the landowners and give a positive impression to industry that NY is open for business. Time will ultimately tell what 2012 holds for our coalition.

With all that said, our attorney group, led by Scott Kurkoski, is cautiously optimistic for 2012. If the DEC and the governor maintain their stated course, there is good reason to believe the above objectives can be accomplished for most of NY's Southerntier and Central regions.

We are Being Marketed in TX!
Since there is some optimism for this year, Scott Kurkoski is heading to the nation's largest Petroleum Expo in Texas to market the coalitions he represents - including ours. This special event, (at the end of February) hosts over 150 different industry groups and is a perfect forum to show our maps and billboard our coalition.  Our Firm, Levene, Gouldin and Thompson, along with Mr. Kurkoski are investing a significant amount of time and money in advertising at this Expo to foster greater connections that will allow our lands to have optimal visibility.  Please note that viable offers for the coalition will not be immediate; they will depend on the timing of the final SGEIS, how reasonable the regulations are and also the demand and market price for natural gas. This process will need time, but we wanted you to know that our attorney group is proactively marketing our coalition lands and truly wants to bring deals to our members.

Our Attorney Writes Exceptional Article on Natural Gas in NY.
To give you an understanding of the quality of our legal representation, we wanted to forward to you an article written by our lead attorney, Scott Kurkoski. Scott published this article in the January edition of the NYS Bar Journal. It is a very well-written and authoritative document that is supported with the scientific and economic facts that the public needs to face on the natural gas issue. To read his article, click the link below or paste the link in your web browser and hit enter.


Another Newsletter Coming Later This Week:
At the end of the week, you'll be getting another newsletter that is devoted to the political hurdles being thrown in the path of natural gas development in our state. One such hurdle is the "Home Rule" legislation being introduced by Senator Jim Seward, Republican from Otsego County. Senator Seward is pandering to the extreme anti-gas activists and is introducing a bill that will allow towns in NY to ban drilling, creating a very unstable and unfriendly business climate for the natural gas industry. Look for more on this in the next newsletter to come in a week.


Know that we continue to work for you. Your partnership with us in this endeavor is encouraging. Keep in touch with us by checking out our forum discussions on our webpage (www.cnylandcoalition.org) and be ready to work with us when our state politicians need to hear from us about moving this thing forward.

On Behalf of the Steering Committee,

Brian Conover


There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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