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Gas Rush-their stories which will be ours

Here is an interesting article that should not be missed. This has happened to them and we can learn from it. Don't miss "next" on the bottem of each page. Just click and the article continues. http://nymag.com/news/features/50502/  


I received an email from Cornell University and it turns out to be very intersting and informative. Both links lead to something new and special so plese go to them both. I am listing the email as I received it. It is expecially intersting for those loggers out there: Among the many issues related to natural gas leasing are the potential impacts to forests.

New newsletter for download

The newest newsletter of the CNY land coalition is now available for download, and contains some very important information. Download it here.
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Landowners cry foul over seismic searches

Waste water, no one can handle it yet

For those who think that all problems are solved and that the DEC can handle all problems, read this article because it will be us in a few years unless someone does something now. It is too easy to say that someone else will take care of things.


This article needs to be read.  It disccusses impacts of drilling, gives great research information will answer lots of questions. Don't miss it. Go to: http://catskillcommentator.com/2008/07/12/environmental-impact-of-gas-wells-minimal/
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Texas Nightmare-don't let it happen to us

    Here is what is really happening in Texas

 This could be us next. We must stand together in order to have control of our lives, land and way of life........Please stay strong, we will need it for the fight.


Web Page Additions

We have added two very imprtant things to our web page.

Public Polls

Please look to the right hand side of the website to see a simple poll asking about your view of getting the most money for your land lease vs. more environmental protections being put in place.

Leases take advantage of good, honest people

Underneath the big news of the gas leases lies a story of deceit. There is a vast number of local citizens deceived and swindled out of their gas mineral rights. This is our story too. ... Sad but true. People are still signing with them everyday......more of what is happening
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Salt Water, Disposal wells, Injection Wells. How to get rid of "used water"

So...A well is drilled,1-2 million gallons of water (more or less) is used to help do it, maybe, they get gas. Everyone is really happy and for sure the gas companies make a lot of money..some of that money even goes to the "landowner". There is a question that remains. "How do we get rid of the used water?" The gas companies have a way. We get stuck with it.



There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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