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Coalition Bulletins

Neighboring Coalition Holds Meeting

All Invited To Attend ~ Wednesday, October 26th

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October 15th Rally - Stand for Your Rights or Sit and Wait!

Albany Rally - October 15th.

Massive Albany rally – October 15th
We must get the Governor’s Attention!
Mark the date – CNY needs 500 attendees!

Dear CNY Friends:

Below is an email sent from the Landowner Advocates of New York.  Our coalition is partnering with this group, farm bureaus, trade unions, industry and dozens of other land coalitions to make one massive unified statement to the governor: “Stop Obstructing Upstate’s Growth through needless delays of drilling.”

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Town Considerations

August/September CNY Landowner Coalition Update

Dear Coalition Friend:

All indications from the media and Albany at this time points to a near Labor Day disclosure of the state’s regulations and decisions on natural gas exploration.  

As we get closer to that date we begin to see some new faces . . .

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July 3rd - Urgent Coalition Message - Immediate Action Required

We need you to act on behalf of your property and our coalition immediately.  At least 1,000 responses are needed from our coalition to Senator Libous and Governor Cuomo by Friday, July 6th.  We ask that you and your family members individually make this a matter you quickly care for.  Please do this immediately so you don't forget during this busy week!

A Limited Development Plan Will Exclude Our Coalition:

Recently, the New York Times printed an article touted as a leak from the governor's office.  The article mentioned that our state leadership was considering a plan to allow gas development in a very select region of NY state.  One county (Chenango) of our coalition was listed as a possible starting place for development.  We have since learned even that may not be the case and that the CNY Landowner's Coalition, along with most NY coalitions, will not be in NY's plan for initial development.

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UPDATED - Combined Coalition Meeting with the Unatego Land Coalition

Combined Coalition Meeting
With the Unatego Land Coalition
June 21, 2012 – 7PM - Unatego Jr/Sr High School – Otego, NY
Full Length "Truthland" Movie starts at 6:40PM

This Thursday night, June 21st, at 7PM we will hold a combined Coalition meeting with our neighboring Unatego Land Coalition.  It will be at the Unatego Jr/Sr High School in Otego, NY (2641 State Highway 7  Otego, NY 13825)

This meeting with have three main highlights:

Marketing Our Coalition

The DEC comment period is officially over and all the speculation has begun on when permitting will finally happen in our state for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing. Will the regulations be completed this year? Will NY allow HNHF in 2012? Will we get legitimate lease offers in the next 10 months? These are all valid questions for which I hope the answer is "YES," "YES," and "YES." However, we fully recognize that NY's political base doesn't exhibit the reason and stability that would ease the minds of the landowners and give a positive impression to industry that NY is open for business.

Critical letter to Be Sent ASAP!

Dear Coalition Friend:

A Unified Voice:
The comment period for the SGEIS ends in just 2 weeks. In order to have a unified voice for responsible gas drilling, the CNY Landowner's Coalition is partnering with the Joint Landowner's Coalition (JLC) in a collective response to our NYS DEC. This is the easiest and most effective way for us all to make a positive statement for responsible gas drilling in our state.

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ONE BIG, (and hopefully) LAST PUSH
All must call this week before the legislative session ends for the summer


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Saturday, April 9th, 2011

The Unadilla Valley Central School
4238 State Highway 8 New Berlin, NY 13411



There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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