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ONE BIG, (and hopefully) LAST PUSH
All must call this week before the legislative session ends for the summer


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Important Meetings – Awesome Article

Get Proactive About Local Meetings!  Science Is On Our Side!

The Fight In Your Backyard!

As we inch closer to the state's release of the SGEIS this June, it appears as though science is winning the debate at the state level.  After nearly three years of intense study, our state Department of Environmental Conservation seems more swayed by their scientific research than by the fear-filled misinformation spread by anti-gas organizations. 

URGENT - your action is needed!!

Dear Coalition Member:
Here is what the folks over at IOGA NY have to say about the threat of a moratorium that we face. This is a decisive moment! Make sure that you let our leaders konw that you want them to oppose the moratorium!
Tell Albany NO!! 
Legislature’s return to Albany could bring new life to job killing moratorium bill
Your immediate help is needed. 

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Gas Drilling: One Issue – Many Positive Impacts

NYS Gas Drilling Positively Impacts Almost Every Major Voter Issue

NYS gas drilling is one issue that has positive impacts for almost every major voter concern.  Consider these areas of concern and see how Natural gas development in NY State offers positive solutions to each issue.  And then ask yourself, If Natural Gas isn’t allowed in NYS – what is the “Plan B” that has the potential to restore our state to the genuine “Empire” status it once held.

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Vote Your Conscience This Tuesday

Vote Your Conscience This Tuesday
A Quick Reference Voter Guide With Information Provided By the JLC.

There are many issues and considerations to take into account when you vote this Tuesday November 2nd.  One issue that friends of natural gas consider is the position of each candidate on the safe exploration of this resource in the state of NY.  The following outline does not explore all of the important positions of each candidate.  It is merely a guide for you to see if they are supportive of your landowner right to pursue the safe harvest of natural gas on your private property.  No matter how you vote, PLEASE VOTE!  It is a right that we enjoy and should exercise.

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Regional Meetings Update - 10/11/2010

CNY Landowner's Coalition
Attend Your Regional Meeting
Update - 10.11.10

Attend Your Regional Meeting:

  • Get updates on the DEC/SGEIS and the Political climate of NY.
  • View our coalition maps and an expanded map of your region.
  • Study a map of the current leaseholds in your county.
  • Hear the latest on the current industry interest in our coalition.
  • Form a task force of local landowners to make your region even better.
  • Ask questions of your coalition leadership.
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Reminder - Local Meetings

Don’t Forget
Important Regional Meetings
Attend a coalition meeting in your region.  If your town isn’t listed, attend the closest one.

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Monday Morning EPA Meeting Gathering


Gathering this Monday at The Forum in Binghamton, NY

236 Washington Street  Binghamton, NY 13901

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EPA Meeting and General Coalition Updates

EPA Meeting in Binghamton And General Coalition Update September 9, 2010
Hi Coalition Friend: I know this newsletter goes a little long.  The first two pages of this update is a detailed report of the EPA hearing scheduled for Binghamton, NY this coming week.  Your activity on behalf of our coalition and natural gas exploration is desperately needed.  Please read through this very important email and respond with your support for our common cause of having a better environment, a better economy and a better community.

We Need You To Help At the County Fairs And To Call Three Senators


Our Coalition has secured a booth at both the Otsego and Chenango County Fairs.  We will be posting our coalition maps at these booths, assisting landowners to sign up with our coalition and distributing factual information on the safe process of natural gas exploration. 

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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